Life Update: Fitness, Music, Travel, and of course, Toby

I’ve been inspired to write a post, so here’s a little life update!

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Fear of Missing Out

During my walk with The Tobez this morning, I began to think about random things like I normally do. But today was the first day back to school and my thoughts were school-related. It also helped that my dream nightmare from last night was school-related. (I had a dream I was running late for school and I forgot my homework) Continue reading

The University Experience

Well, here’s that post that I mentioned I’d write about in my first blog post!

Now, I’m hoping with this post that it’ll help some student out there in the world who’s struggling with their university experience. I’m lucky that I was able to stay motivated and get through it with a smile on my face. Additionally, I was lucky enough to be a Residence Life Don (known as resident assistants and other similar titles) in my very last term of university, so I had first-hand experience IRL to help my first year students. Continue reading