The Great Global Greyhound Walk 2017 – Toronto

Ever wonder what 40-something greyhounds walking along Queen’s Quay in Toronto looks like? Well, you missed that chance this past Sunday!

Over the weekend, me, my mom, and my dog went downtown to participate in this year’s Great Global Greyhound Walk in Toronto! It was an absolute blast and you can bet I’ll be participating again next year!

First off, driving downtown was something I never imagined myself doing. I hate driving and the idea of angry city drivers in narrow streets terrified me. But I guess you do crazy things for your furry baby. Luckily we left early enough in the morning where the traffic was light. We paid a hefty price for prime parking space but parking anywhere else would’ve been too inconvenient.

My current struggle with driving around with Toby is that he won’t lie down! I know he’s way too excited because he loves going to new places but driving with your entire rear window blocked by a 70 lb dog is pretty inconvenient and dangerous. We tried getting him down with treats and throwing his Kong with his favourite treats in the trunk, but nothing was more interesting than the sights outside the window. So if there are any dog owners who can lend some tips, please let me know!


A stubborn Toby

Anyways, we arrived in Toronto and headed towards Purina Paws Way along Queen’s Quay. We were greeted by one of the organizers who took our name and we headed inside where we met some greyhounds! There were familiar faces from the GRA Facebook group and new faces too! It was so exciting seeing so many greyhounds gathered together. Toby was being a champion and greeting everyone nicely and being a little social butterfly.

We then headed outside where we saw the rest of the greyhounds gathered. It was quite hot as Toronto issued a heat warning on the day. It’s super important for dog owners (of any breed) to ensure their dog does not have heat stroke. Here is a great read re: heat stroke. I made sure Toby made plenty of rests, had enough water to drink, and periodically poured water over his back to cool him down. Luckily lots of other greyhounds were doing the same so no one was getting left behind.


Wanting to go back inside where the A/C is!!

There were plenty of opportunities for photos and I had the chance to meet so many new greyhounds and their owners! I even met someone who read my blog in preparation for their dog’s homecoming (hello again if you’re reading this!).

To summarize the walk and to force me not to ramble, here were the highlights of the day:

  • Successfully driving downtown and back home
  • Meeting other greyhound owners and building the network
  • Talking about greyhounds for literal hours
  • Learning about different adoption groups that I was unaware of!
  • Seeing the faces of people as the group walks down the busy streets of Toronto
  • Getting some sweet pictures for Toby’s Instagram!! Be sure to follow to see more pictures!
  • Being reminded of how amazing the greyhound community is

Anyways, I’m so glad I made the decision to go to this event despite the crippling fear of driving downtown. Here’s to more adventures and new ways of giving Toby a rich life full of fun experiences!

Until the next post,



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