Late Post: New Year, New Food

I’ve been meaning to switch Toby to raw food, and I finally did!

Note: I had this post in my drafts since the beginning of 2017 but have been procrastinating with editing and posting this. Well, I finally go around to it!

So, yes, Toby is now on raw food… and I can’t imagine ever going back to kibble!! Since day one, my adoption group has recommended raw food over kibble. And I can see why. He started eating raw half-way through January and the results are fantastic.


Eating some raw! I place a small bowl within the bigger bowl to slow him down from eating too fast

It’s been such a long time sinceĀ  I’ve posted and I feel so guilty!! After work I’m so exhausted I don’t want to do anything except lay on the couch, pet my dog, and watch Netflix. But it’s been TOO LONG and I finally have a topic to discuss!

Anyway, the company I purchase food from is Big Country Raw (BCR). The reason I pay the premium and get the “dinner” option which includes meat, organ meat, bone, and fruits & vegetables is because I know I’m giving him a balanced meal. Plus, they have a variety of protein meats and a delivery option that delivers the food right to your doorstep! What I love most about BCR website is that they have a feeding calculator that helps you estimate costs and manage your dog’s food intake.


I knew once I got a job I would have the income to buy him better food. So in the new year when his bag of kibble was running low, I went to my local Pet Valu that is a vendor of BCR. They have free sample packs of the food to let your pup try. I was able to bring two 1 lb containers of turkey dinner home to let Toby try.

When Toby was first given the raw food, he was a little hesitant. He sniffed it out, gave it a nibble. He was very slow to start, but as soon as he realized what it was, it gobbled it right up!

In terms of transitioning into raw, there really wasn’t any. Seeing how much he liked the raw food, I immediately went back to the pet store and got a couple of 4lb tubs and switched fully into raw.


The first thing that you will notice with feeding raw is the stools!! Prior to feeding raw, Toby’s “output” was a mess and the smell was quite offensive. In the past, I would have to bring newspapers with me to quickly slide under his bottom to catch the stools before it hit the ground. Why? Because it was an absolute mess to pick up.

Now, his stools are firm and so easy to pick up. The thing I noticed about Toby and him going potty now is that he has to push a bit harder. There is slight constipation to begin with because his body is getting used to eating raw.

My rationale for feeding Toby on raw is simple: I want to give him the best life possible. This might be an obvious statement, but a mini epiphany I had was this. In my life I’ll have many dogs. I know Toby won’t be the only dog I’ll ever own; I plan on adopting many more dogs in the future. But… I’ll be Toby’s one and only forever humom. Toby will only have one home and that home is with me. So I want to make his life as great as possible, and that includes what I feed him.

So, if you’re willing and able to, I highly recommend feeding your pup raw. They’re going to love meal time and they will thrive with this new diet. I can’t imagine feeding my little guy anything other than raw!


Until the next post,



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