Canadian Christmas Pet Expo 2016 (and Haul!)

Over the weekend, a friend and I attended the Toronto Pet Show held by the Canadian Pet Expo and I got my boy a bunch of new stuff!

The winter holiday season is hands-down my favourite time of the year. I love spending Christmas together with friends and family, the chilly weather, festive music, and EVERYTHING CHRISTMAS THEMED. I enjoy listening to Christmas music year-round but now that it’s the end of November, I think it’s socially acceptable to be blasting that music!

Over the weekend the Toronto Christmas Pet Expo was held and I just had to go as the entry fee was reasonable ($12 CAD)! I went with my friend, a cat owner, to check out the vendors and see a pet psychic!! It was great seeing a variety of vendors selling things like: collars, harnesses, treats, food, toys, and other goodies! Various rescues had their booths set up to promote the adoption of various animals as well. There were pet celebrities that attended and we visited: Iggy Joey, Pom Pom Chewy, Mr. Marcel, and Three Furry Beauties. Perhaps one day Toby will be famous enough to attend one of these events as a celebrity pet! Only one can hope… But here are some pics of the celebrities and super cute puppies!


The Haul


Mammoth Bed: I’ve been searching around for another dog bed for Toby. The two I’ve been debating between were: Mammoth Beds and Slumber Balls. To be honest, I was set on getting a Slumber Ball, but the convenience of having Mammoth Beds at the Pet Expo (with a 50% off deal) trumped my original plans. But, as I looked into these beds more, I liked Mammoth Beds better. First off, Mammoth Beds are Canadian! You can’t argue purchasing locally. They also have a lifetime warranty and have a variety of options such as memory foam! I also liked that they came in the Oblong style because Toby likes to stretch out. The size I purchased was XL (55″ x 42″) so it’s big enough for him to stretch and to curl up comfortably without having any part of his body sticking out. Note: Toby is between 65 and 70 lbs and the website recommended Large for his size. I wanted to size up because of personal preference. I’m quite happy with my purchase as I saved money since it was on sale and I didn’t need to pay for shipping! He also enjoys it quite a bit. It took him only the slightest amount of coaxing to get him on the bed, but now he won’t leave it!


Goodies & necessities: Pictured above are: Whimzees, vet wrap, and chicken feet. I like to put a Whimzee treat in Toby’s Kong to give him a variety of goodies while he’s working at his Kong. By putting a chewy treat, it’ll distract him longer as I only give him a treat-filled Kong when we’re out of the house. As for the chicken feet, they’re just a great crunchy treat! And finally, the vet wrap is recommended by my adoption group to have in your first-aid kit for your pet. You never know when your pup may get into an accident and you want to be prepared to wrap up an injury! I got it in a fashionable yellow.


One of the fun things we got to partake in was the free 15 minute session with a pet psychic! Okay well, it was more like 10 minutes, but it was an experience! I low-key love this sort of stuff. I had my doubts going in, obviously, but I was eating up whatever the psychic was saying! I showed her a picture of Toby and she started to “connect” with him. She asked if he is a rescue and proceeded to tell me that a lot of the things he is feeling stems from insecurity. She says that Toby says that he thinks that this current (forever) home is a temporary one before he has to move onto the next home. Which makes sense; any pet that comes home will need time to adjust and feel comfortable in their forever home. I asked what I could do about his insecurity, and she says the best way is to simply love him. Beautiful ending note! All in all, it was an interesting experience, but I don’t think I would ever dish out money to see one!


Toby staring down a rabbit!

And perhaps you may be wondering: did I bring Toby? The answer is unfortunately no. Because it was an expo celebrating all types of pets, I was not comfortable with him being near cats and small rodents. Since he does have a bit of a prey drive, I wasn’t comfortable with him being near those types of animals. So, perhaps I will have to wait for the next dog-only expo. But even then, he does get very excited when he sees new friends so we’ll cross that bridge when we have to. I’m open and welcome to tips for how to navigate these types of situations!

Some things I wished were there? Free samples. I suppose I was expecting another heavy bag of free goodies I got when I went to Woofstock earlier this year. Additionally, my friend was hoping to get some cat goodies for her pet, but unfortunately there was maybe only two or three vendors that had some cat goodies. The focus was more on dogs (which I’m not complaining about!), but there were some pretty cool vendors showcasing small animals and reptiles!

I’m excited for the Christmas/holiday season, and I wish all pets and pet owners a happy and healthy holiday season! Stay tuned for more holiday themed posts!


Until the next post,



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