Drawing to De-Stress

Got stressed, so I started drawing.

I find it incredibly helpful to have a healthy outlet for times of emotional turmoil. And for me, that outlet is drawing. Whether it’s a sketch, colour pencil drawing, or some sort of creative project I decided to take on, it’s liberating.

The job search hit me very hard. Tension in my body, emotional outburst was building up, and just overall discomfort. So, I dropped whatever I was doing (job hunting), grabbed my pencils, my sketch pad, threw open a picture I found a while ago, and started drawing.

The picture? A still from the Miyazaki movie, Whisper of the Heart. Now, Miyazaki films have a very special place in my heart. The first film I saw from Studio Ghibli was Spirited Away, and that movie is my all-time favourite movie. Why? It has a female protagonist and it shows her story of growth and saving her friend (and love interest?). The combination of the soundtrack, beautiful art, and the main character is what makes this movie so unique. But that’s for another post. Whisper of the Heart is probably one of my top favourite movies as it follows the story of a young girl trying to figure out her passion. I found this movie during my university career when I truly was struggling with what I wanted to do as a career. Two quotes I took to heart were:

“You see that rough surrounding stone? You can polish it all you want, but it’ll still be worthless. But there might be something much more valuable inside that you can’t yet see.”


“Don’t expect perfection at first”

If you have the time, I highly recommend this film. The movie still I took was of the stray cat. Shizuku (the female protagonist) at one point started to confide in this cat, and the cat listened (and yawned, looking bored). As I was feeling the pressures of the job hunt, confided in my little canine companion. His response? He decided to fall asleep. #typicaltobez. But it was liberating just talking out my feelings in a vulnerable way to another living being that won’t judge and will (attempt to) listen.

There is something incredibly therapeutic about channeling all the stress in your body into art. The moment I started drawing, outlining the image on paper, I felt as if the stress was leaving my body and becoming the lines on the page. And I found it even more helpful drawing something that has a symbolic meaning.

The drawing as of right now is incomplete as I’ve learned over time that you can’t rush art. I plan on coming back to this piece from time to time, whenever I’m feeling stressed out to colour a little bit more of it. Perhaps when I’m completely done, I’ll post the final product. But for now, this is what I have:


My unfinished piece

I’m hopeful that I’ll continue to draw as drawing and art has been a part of most of my life. This is one skill I hope I won’t lose!


Until the next post,


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