Baking for Toby

I decided to try something new and bake dog cookies for Toby. And I think it turned out decently!

In regards to my dog’s diet, I always want to know what I’m putting in him. With treats and food, I always, always, always look at the ingredient list and see what’s in the food he’s eating.

After watching a video by Rosanna Pansino (of Nerdy Nummies) who made doggy biscuits for her dog, I was inspired to do the same. Instead of following her recipe, I wanted to see what else was out there. I found the following recipe from this website. A friend and I went on a baking adventure and decided to bake recipe #4: Banana Dog Breath Busters.

Now, before I decided to bake that recipe, I did a lot of research whether or not mint and parsley were toxic to dogs. According to some websites, they say mint is toxic. To others, in small doses of mint, it can be beneficial to your dog. I recommend doing your own research and making your own conclusions on whether or not you want to serve mint and/or parsley to your dog (or any other ingredient for that matter!). I’d also like to mention that quinoa is safe for dogs as well (if prepared properly). From the recipe, the cookies are in the oven for an hour, so the ingredients are all fully cooked. Please ensure you prepare your ingredients as best as possible for the safety of your dog!

After my own research, I decided it would be safe for my dog since I would be adding less mint and parsley than the recipe asks for. And, when the batter is mixed and portioned into smaller cookies, the actual amount of mint and parsley ingested would be small. In addition, I knew if there were any adverse effects on my dog from eating the cookies (diarrhea, vomiting, etc.) that I would stop giving my dog those treats immediately and call a vet just in case. (By the way, nothing happened – he loved the treats!)

When we baked, we decided to half the recipe as we didn’t want to make too many cookies in case Toby didn’t like them. It turned out to be the perfect amount of cookies in the end and I recommend cutting the recipe in half if you choose to bake these! To make it easier, here are the amounts we used:

1 banana, mashed

3 tablespoons of peanut butter

1 cup of flour

2/3 cup of quinoa

3 tablespoons of hot water

1/2 cup dried parsley flakes (we probably used less than that)

2 tablespoons of dried mint

1 beaten egg

The thing that we didn’t know when we were baking was that the cookies wouldn’t “flatten out” like human cookies would. So if you want that nice cookie shape, I recommend shaping it while it’s still in batter form. It may be hard though, it’s very sticky because of the peanut butter!

Here are some shots of the baking process:

Even though it doesn’t really freshen his breath, it was a fun experience! It is a little messy when eaten. The pieces of quinoa get everywhere so make sure you vacuum or get your pup to eat over something you can easily clean up! I enjoy baking for my dog now, especially since I know exactly what I’m putting into it and how I’m preparing it. Go out there and get baking!

Until the next post,



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