My new favourite form of exercise

During my trip to Asia earlier this year, I discovered a new love for hiking. And I haven’t gone on a hike since then until last week when a friend and I enjoyed a hike in Milton, Ontario called Rattlesnake Point.

A few years ago, I made a (private) bucket list of things. Random things like things I wanted to accomplish, things I wanted to discover, and things I just wanted to experience. One of the items on the bucket list was to find a form of exercise I genuinely enjoy. I think I’ve found it, and it’s hiking. And I fell in love with my first hike.

The first hike I ever did was with one of my good Don friends in Hong Kong when I did my mini grad trip at the beginning of 2016. The trail was Sunset Peak and it was definitely a challenging hike for my first time doing it! The hike was essentially climbing stairs. As someone who doesn’t do a great deal of exercise, it was challenging at the base of the mountain where it was all stairs. Unfortunately, the day we hiked was very foggy, windy, and a little rainy. So we didn’t make it up all the way because at a certain point it was too dangerous to continue. But I felt so accomplished as the hike is considered difficult and it was my first hike ever!

Here are a few shots from my hike in Hong Kong:


I was also lucky enough to go on a short hike in Taipei up Elephant Mountain and another hike in Vancouver at Quarry Rock. Both times I genuinely enjoyed! Here are some shots of Taipei and Vancouver:

Elephant Mountain, Taipei:


Quarry Rock, Vancouver:


Fast-forward to now. I haven’t done a hike since my grad trip (so around 5 months) and I genuinely missed it. My excuse was I didn’t have anyone to go with and the super hot weather in the summer. Now I know for next year, NO EXCUSES!

Anyways, here’s my experience with my autumn hike! At Rattlesnake Point, you drive up to the park entrance, pay a fee, and follow the signs for parking. We arrived at the park around 10AM on a Friday and chose the “Lower Area” parking, which was plentiful at that early time. We got our belongings and went on our way. We decided to take the orange trail to Crawford Lake as it was a longer hike. After a short distance, we arrive at the first look-out point.


Rattlesnake Point Lookout

Throughout the hike, we took plenty of pictures and had lots of giggles along the way. I absolutely love hiking in the spring and fall because of the milder weather and fewer bugs. I can’t stand the summer because of it intense heat and the abundance of bugs, especially mosquitoes. But anyways, here are a few shots of the hike:


The hike was absolutely wonderful. I definitely would consider it a “moderate” hike. There are some very easy parts and some challenging parts (like the steep hills) which evened it out to a moderate hike. It is a lengthy hike, so be prepared for that if you decide on the orange trail!

I want to share some things I learned from my hiking experiences that will make life a little easier for you:

  • Don’t be afraid to take breaks. Take as many as you need, for as long as you need.
    • Don’t try to be superman/woman and try to do the hike without taking a breather. Safety and health are top priority. So if you’re feeling worn out, don’t be ashamed to go off the the side, drink some water, and have a rest.
  • Bring water
  • Bring snacks
    • On longer hikes, you will get hungry so you want to be prepared.
  • Wear appropriate clothing
    • Running shoes and comfy clothing are key in making your exercise experience better.
  • Carry your belongings in a backpack! They’re easier on the back and less fussy than a purse or a side bag.
  • Check the weather!
  • Take the time to take pictures and enjoy the moment
    • Too many times I find myself constantly looking down at the ground while hiking. Mainly because I don’t want to trip on anything. But doing that, I lose out on admiring the nature around me.

Hopefully this inspires someone to enjoy mother nature and get active! Next time, I’m definitely taking Toby on a shorter hike. Stay adventurous, my friends.



Until the next post,


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