I did my Personality Test Again

Time, experiences, and growing up can change a person. Last year I took my Myers-Briggs personality test and did it again recently. Did I change? Yes.

I think there are a lot of benefits of taking tests like these and following up with it at a later time. It shows how you’ve developed as a person and will give you an idea of who you’ve become. Reading each personality description can be quite interesting as they can be absolutely spot-on about who you are. What I like most about the 16 personalities website is that they describe the personality type in various settings, like in friendships, career paths, relationships, and more. So, let’s dive into the old and new me!


2015 Tangerine:


Last year in July I took this test when I was in my second last term of university. I think when I took this quiz, I selected a lot of “neutral” options and I wasn’t completely being honest with myself when answering the questions. The selection was based on what I thought would give me a better result, rather than answering what I truly felt.

During this time in my life, I was beyond excited that I was going to be a Don next term. With that role, you had to be especially outgoing and energetic as you had to interact with people day-in, day-out. And I loved that! In that time of my life, I was living alone, had that optimism and that feeling of “the world is my oyster”. So I can totally see how the ENFP personality would align.

Campaigners are less interested in the sheer excitement and pleasure of the moment than they are in enjoying the social and emotional connections they make with others (Source)

As a Don, I loved making those connections. I really did want to connect with all 49 of my students. There was an unrealistic idea that all 49 of my students wanted to be my friend, spill their darkest secrets, and we’d be a tight-knit family of 50. In the end, that didn’t happen. But what actually happened was a small handful of really strong and meaningful relationships with some students. The thought of those young adults trusting me, sharing parts their lives, thoughts, worries, and ambitions meant so much to me than attempting to spread myself thin and hold them to unattainable standards.

I feel that the 2015 “me” is different. Different state of mind, different setting, and different circumstances (i.e. not a pet parent). But the personality type of ENFP reflected that “me” perfectly.


2016 Tangerine:


This time when I did it, I only selected two “neutrals” and was way more honest with myself. I also picked answers without thinking about it too much; they were gut-feeling, instinctual responses. Also, my current situation is: I am living at home, unemployed (and job-searching), a pet parent, and not surrounded by friends. Perhaps those were the factors leading to a different result from last year.

Now, what I was most interested in were the sections on Friendships, Career Paths, Workplace Habits, and Parenthood (for Toby of course).

In terms of friendships and social settings, I’ve come to realize that I get most of my energy by being alone. I love spending time with my friends and hanging out with them, but at a certain point it really does drain me. Over time I’ve learned to deal with my problems on my own and rely less on people. I’ve come to appreciate my reflection time, art time, and plain old “me time”. With networking, I would rather establish a couple really good, solid relationships than spread myself thin and just have a whole bunch of acquaintances. This rings true with the “Mediator” personality.

In terms of careers, this sums it up perfectly:

Mediator personality type aren’t looking for easy, forgettable work that pays the bills, they’re looking for meaningful work that they actually want to think about, and it helps for their managers to frame responsibilities in terms of emotional merit rather than cold rationalization or business for its own sake. (Source)

As I am looking for job opportunities and options, I constantly look at the company’s culture and their people. I have always enjoyed my co-op terms where I had a fantastic relationship with my manager and enjoyed work most when I felt like I was making a real impact on something. I’m always looking at myself critically and finding ways to improve myself. I can never say I had a perfect co-op term or did the best I could, because I always find that there will always be something I could have improved upon.

And finally, in terms of parenthood, it’s hard to compare a child with a dog. Now, I don’t see myself having children any time soon, but there was one thing that resonated with me that I can relate to with my dog:

From the start, Mediator parents are warm, loving and supportive, and take immeasurable joy in the wide-eyed wonder of their children as they explore, learn, and grow. People with the Mediator personality type will give their children the freedom they need to do this… (Source)

Watching Toby explore the world around him, learning new tricks, and playing with new toys gives me so much joy. I love seeing him trying to figure out the tricky treat ball, learning quickly when we went through dog obedience classes, and exploring his world on walks. As a pet parent, I want to give Toby as many new experiences as he possibly can and letting him be a dog. Sometimes it’s hard when I want him to be the “perfect” pet and not do things like pee on the neighbour’s flower bed. But in times like that, I just let him be a dog. He’s not destroying anything, he’s simply walking up on the front lawn, sniffing, and relieving himself. (Obviously if a neighbour asks me to restrain my dog, I’ll comply; I don’t want to be ruining anyone’s front lawn!)

A year from now, I’m definitely going to take this quiz again and see how I’ve changed and reflect on how my situation changes too. I always love reflecting upon myself and seeing how I can improve.

If you’re interested in finding out more about your personality, I recommend taking the free quiz and sharing your results!


Until the next post,


2 thoughts on “I did my Personality Test Again

  1. Nichole says:

    I just took this and got INFP-T as well. I’ve always loved the Myers Briggs personality tests. I think it’ll be interesting to check back in a year and see where I am then, too. This resonated with me (particularly right now with the changing seasons): “Left unchecked, Mediators may start to lose touch, withdrawing into “hermit mode”, and it can take a great deal of energy from their friends or partner to bring them back to the real world.” YUP! I’ll take my dogs, blankets, and Netflix please! 😉


    • Tangerine says:

      INFPs unite!!! And I couldn’t agree more, the idea of snuggling up at home sounds much more ideal than going out! Plus, I get extra tired since I wake up early to walk the Tobez so staying out late isn’t as enticing as it was when I was in school!!

      Liked by 1 person

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