Toby’s Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Haul

I recently went to the GRA Fall picnic/fundraiser and went on a shopping spree! Some of the purchases were essentials, like winter clothing. Others were just because I love my dog and he deserves some yummy things!

The GRA picnic was such a pleasant time. I met so many people and hounds I would only see on the Facebook group through pictures and updates. It was a gorgeous day to spend outside with friends, family, and hounds. There were plenty of vendors and booths set up for things to purchase and you can’t help but spend some money since they have a special discount for the day!

A day before the shopping spree, it was raining pretty heavily all day. I didn’t want my hound to get wet, so I got an old, unused jacket from my mom to cover him. It didn’t work too well since we had to tie up half of the jacket so he wouldn’t pee all over it when he went on the walk! Luckily, when we did go on the walk, the rain stopped just in time for him to go for the walk and have a play date. The picture I snapped is TOO precious and hilarious!


Retro chic!

The way I’ve taken the pictures of the wardrobe haul on Toby is how I would layer on the clothing if he were to go outside in the extra cold days. The patch coat on its own is quite warm as it is lined with fleece. The owners of the company said that the jacket alone would be fine for -10 degrees Celsius weather. I got the additional sweatshirt to layer if it got colder than that, or just to wear alone for cool weather. The outer layer of the patch coat is slightly water-proof, but may be too warm if the outside temperature is mild. Therefore, I’ll probably be looking for a thin, waterproof windbreaker for Toby for the spring. The best way to know if your hound is cold is by their ears. There have been a few mornings that have been chilly for me as well, so I figure if I need a coat, he does too.

The Haul


  • Martingale collar (1.5″) from Dog-e-Designs
    • In an autumnal pattern that matches his sweatshirt! A great material and it fits his tiny little head and neck.


  • Fleece sweatshirt from Dog-e-Designs
    • Can be layered under the coat for colder weather and worn indoors as pajamas if it’s chilly inside the house! Don’t you just love the autumnal pattern?!


  • Patch coat from Dog-e-Designs
    • Has both buckles and Velcro to secure jacket in place. I got the bright yellow as the winter evening walks will be dark and I want my hound to be seen by cars. Plus who doesn’t love a bright and sassy yellow jacket with cheetah accents?!


  • Pixie hat/snood from Rompin’ Houndwear
    • ISN’T IT SO PRECIOUS?! This covers his neck and ears so protect his head from the cold. Definitely going to add to his snood collection in more colours and designs!



  • Treats from Collar Ballers. We got the “My Homework” and “Couch Cushions” treats
    • I love that they’re Canadian and these treats are vegan! To note, the “Couch Cushions” treats have melatonin in the ingredients which is the “calming” effect. It notes for dogs under 25 lbs to limit it to 1 treat per day. For dogs heavier than 25 lbs, it may require 2 treats to see the effect. They suggested to try out 1 treat first, wait 15 minutes, and see how the dog reacts to it. I plan on using these to calm him down before we leave the house since he has slight separation anxiety.


  • Duck feet from Treats Happen
    • Another Canadian company and this is a great treat to get them chewing! A pro tip: if you’re too lazy to brush their teeth, I recommend putting a little bit of toothpaste on the duck feet so they’re brushing their teeth themselves! Please continue your regular brushing, but this tip is a simple, easy way to get that extra brushing in!


Additional Winter Considerations

These are things that I already have and didn’t get at the picnic. But I think it’s worth mentioning for anyone’s winter preparation!

  • Pawz booties available at any pet retailer or Walmart. Toby is a size LARGE (purple). I recommend boots in the winter since the sidewalks will be salted and it will be painful for your dogs to walk on that!
  • Baby socks available at any dollar store. This is to layer under the Pawz booties for extra warmth and padding.

This will be Toby’s first Canadian winter, and I want to be as prepared as possible since I hear this year’s going to be a cold one! I welcome anyone with more experience with their dogs and winters to join the conversation and provide insight! I’m looking at adjusting his schedule so he’ll have an earlier walk in the afternoon so we don’t have to walk so late when it’s much colder. I’m really hoping he’s a winter hound as fall and winter are my favourite seasons. He does walk better in cooler weather and stalls/freezes A LOT more in the summer heat. What I’m even more excited about is to add to his wardrobe so he’ll have more clothing options! I can’t wait for the weather to finally cool down and get some cute pictures of Toby in his first Canadian fall and winter.


Until the next post,


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