Toby’s Shopping List for New Greyhounds

As a new greyhound owner, it might be overwhelming to figure out what to buy to prepare for your new pup. There will be hundreds of sources telling you what to buy and what you should have. For me, it was hard to compile a list of all the things I needed to buy for a new dog when there’s just SO. MUCH. INFO. It’s definitely hard to focus on what you need vs. what you want for your new dog. What I wished I had when I was prepping for the Tobez was a comprehensive list of what I should be getting.

Now, this is our list. It’ll be different for everyone and this list is definitely missing a few things too, because I’m continuously buying more things. But, this is the list of things I bought before I brought my dog home and a few more things I purchased within the first two months of his homecoming.


The List

  • Crate (48″L x 30″W x 33″H)
  • Dog bed
  • Food (please do your own research and see which food works best for your financial situation and individual dog. My adoption group gave me a bag of their kennel food to transition into new food)
  • Treats (my hound LOVES cheese, but look for other healthy options too)
  • Dog bowls
  • Toys (start off with a few, my hound didn’t play with toys until the 2nd or 3rd week home)
  • Microfibre cloths (great for cleaning and multi-purpose uses for your hound)
  • Kong (x2, Large)
  • Blankets (highly recommend getting the cheap fleece blankets from IKEA – great for padding in the crate/bed, something to put under your dog when they eat inside (like a tartar buster). Buy a few so you always have them on hand)
  • Floor rug (my hound slipped inside after the 1 month mark and needs a rug to walk over the tile floors)
  • Nature’s Miracle (I have yet to use it, BUT you never know if your dog will make an accident inside)
  • ID tag
  • Tag collar (your adoption group should provide you with a Martingale collar, and my group gave me a leash)
  • Rubber curry comb (I recommend getting a Furminator (large) as well because my dog sheds A LOT!)
  • Dog wipes (personal preference: I like to wipe my dog’s feet after walks before coming back inside)
  • Dog toothpaste (get the enzymatic! Also, use the microfibre cloths as your toothbrush!)
  • Omega 3 fish oil tablet (1000mg)
  • Dremel (Dremel 7300)
  • Styptic powder (I have yet to use this, but you never know when your dog is going to get a boo-boo!)
  • Poop bags and holder
  • Pawz booties (large? The purple ones fit my hound)
  • Tricky Treat Ball (found mine at Canadian Tire)
  • Tartar buster (can find at Bulk Barn or Global Pet Foods – great for cleaning teeth and a good distraction for an hour! Make sure you supervise when they’re chewing away)
  • Diatomaceous Earth (I got this when he got hookworms from here. You can probably do without this, but I use this every day as part of his food and to sprinkle in the lawn after he poops.)
  • Antiseptic wash (to clean boo-boos, my hound got a small nick in each of his back paws within the first week of coming home because of walking on sidewalks/concrete)
  • Baby socks (get this at Dollarama or a dollar store. They’re great to cover up their paws for injuries or to layer under booties for extra padding)
  • Harness (to use in the car as a seat belt)

This is the list! Looking back, I would also encourage anyone getting a greyhound to also get: raised feeder (easier on them when they eat), additional first-aid materials (vet wrap, etc.), and clothing for cooler weather if you’re adopting in the fall/winter. I encourage anyone to leave me comments and let me know what else you have purchased before your dog’s homecoming!

Until the next post,

Tangerine & Toby

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