Where It All Began

Well, here goes nothing! As the first blog post, I feel that it is only fitting that I share with you how all of this began.

Owning a dog was something I’ve always wanted, even as a child I remember borrowing VHS tapes from the library about different breeds of dogs and learning about them as much as possible. Naturally, as time went on, my preferences changed and I got interested in other things, like art, sports, and focusing on academics. This love for dogs was rekindled shortly after first year of university after my best friend got a puppy. Of course, in my head I thought, if she can get a dog, why can’t I? So I asked my mom when I could get a dog and she said “when you finish school”.

There was my motivation.

Of course, any person’s university experiences will have its ups and downs, but mine was especially challenging in an academic perspective as “high school me” didn’t choose programs very well. I decided to major in accounting and finance which I thought was “safe”, but my true passions were in marketing. Going through all of these courses and dreading to go to class, seeing poor grades, and not wanting to do the readings was rough. Throughout school up until university, I was a pretty good student. Seeing those grades plummet was hard. But, I knew I had to push because at the end of those grueling 4.5 years of school and co-op placements, there would be a dog. But, my university experience will have to wait for another blog post!

Now, throughout those 3.5 years of waiting to get a dog, I had to research. Breed? Size? Personality? Energy level? Training? Costs? All of these factors (and more) had to be considered and planned if I wanted to get that dog when I finished school. Throughout those years, I’ve gone back and forth between breeds. Dobermans, Boxers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Greyhounds, Dachshunds, and the list goes on. I also knew that I wanted to adopt a dog, as buying a puppy is very expensive and could be ethically challenging as you would need to find an extremely reputable breeder to buy from. With hours, days, years of research and flip flopping between breeds and looking online at adoption groups, I found that greyhounds fit my personality type best.

With my heart set on adopting a retired racing greyhound, I found the adoption group, Greyhound Relocation and Adoption Canada. Located in south-western Ontario, this group does an amazing job finding forever homes for these special dogs. I would constantly check the website, window shopping online which dog I’d hypothetically want as I was pursuing my undergraduate degree.

Fast-forward to 2016, a new graduate (completing my degree in December of 2015), I was ready. I took the first few months of the year to work a bit and travel as I wanted to adopt a dog in the spring so that potty training would be easier (no snow!). On May 1, my life would change for the better. My family and I made the long trip down to GRA to pick out my forever friend.

Now, here’s where I’ll stop because this post has gone on far too long already. I’ll be posting about my experience with the adoption process in a new post. Hopefully, this paints a picture of how long I’ve waited and wanted my own canine companion.

Until the next post,

Tangerine & Toby

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