Toby’s Shopping List for New Greyhounds

As a new greyhound owner, it might be overwhelming to figure out what to buy to prepare for your new pup. There will be hundreds of sources telling you what to buy and what you should have. Continue reading


The University Experience

Well, here’s that post that I mentioned I’d write about in my first blog post!

Now, I’m hoping with this post that it’ll help some student out there in the world who’s struggling with their university experience. I’m lucky that I was able to stay motivated and get through it with a smile on my face. Additionally, I was lucky enough to be a Residence Life Don (known as resident assistants and other similar titles) in my very last term of university, so I had first-hand experience IRL to help my first year students. Continue reading

Where It All Began

Well, here goes nothing! As the first blog post, I feel that it is only fitting that I share with you how all of this began.

Owning a dog was something I’ve always wanted, even as a child I remember borrowing VHS tapes from the library about different breeds of dogs and learning about them as much as possible. Naturally, as time went on, my preferences changed and I got interested in other things, like art, sports, and focusing on academics. This love for dogs was rekindled shortly after first year of university after my best friend got a puppy. Of course, in my head I thought, if she can get a dog, why can’t I? So I asked my mom when I could get a dog and she said “when you finish school”. Continue reading